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BCA's Bronx Writers Center

Bronx Memoir Project - Volume 1

The Bronx Memoir Project - Volume 1 is the culmination of over fifty stories and artworks produced at twenty-five free memoir-writing workshops created by the Bronx Council on the Arts’ Bronx Writers Center, for the people of our borough. Our writers were challenged to share intimate accounts of their compelling and dynamic lives.


This unprecedented collection of personal memoir includes stories written by native Bronxites, as well as by those who’ve arrived from the Dominican Republic, Maryland, USA, and Italy, who’ve worked hard to reinvent their lives. This revealing anthology is brought to you by BCA Media, a new publishing platform created by the Bronx Council on the Arts.

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But Today is Different- by Sarah Stern [Book] Chulito: A Novel- by Charles Rice-Gonzalez [Book]
Sarah Stern's first full-length collection of poems, she explores the themes of loss, desire, the erotic, getting older in a youth-obsessed culture, and finding the mystical in the ordinary. Several poems are shaped by conversations between an enduring voice and a mortal one that asks questions. The answers are in the shared spaces of wonder about the knowable and unknowable. With wisdom, humor, and humility, Stern brings the... Chulito is a coming-of-age, coming out love story of a sexy, tough, hip hop-loving, young Latino man and the colorful characters who populate his block. Chulito, which means "cutie," is one of the boys, and everyone in his neighborhood has seen him grow up, the owner of the local bodega, the Lees from the Chinese restaurant, his buddies from the corner, and all of his neighbors and friends, including Carlos, who was Chulito's best...
From Macho to Mariposa: New Gay Latino Fiction- by Charles Rice-Gonzalez [Book] Demystifying a Diva: The Truth Behind the Myth of La Lupe- By Juan A. Moreno- Velazquez [e-Book]
Prepare yourself to dance in a disco in Silver Lake, check out papis in Orchard Beach, cross the border from Guatemala to Mexico on your way to the U.S., see a puro macho bathe in a river in Puerto Rico, make love under a full moon in the Dominican Republic, sigh at a tender moment in an orange grove in Lindsay, visit a panaderia in Kansas, see a full blown birthday party in Juarez, and be seduced by a young artist in the... A revealing new look at the private life of the controversial Cuban singer as told by those closest to her—her children, her music industry collaborators, and lovers, as written by the award-winning journalist and salsa music historian Juan A. Moreno-Velázquez. This book goes behind the scenes to reveal who La Lupe really was, as opposed to who the general public, music industry, and public made her out to be—beginning with her humble roots in...

Contraband- by Charlie Vazquez


The Best of PANIC!- by Charlie Vazquez [Book]
This riveting work of Latino noir follows the paranoid underworld exile of Volfango Sanzo, a man so haunted by his secrets that he escapes to sprawling networks of underground tunnels and labyrinths in near-future America where dissidents and lunars seek refuge from the smoldering ruins of a nation plagued by a deadly civil war and revolution. Volfango is certain that renegade genes in his DNA will be exposed by.... The first anthology for the revolutionary downtown New York/Latino reading series PANIC!, curated and edited by writer/literary activist Charlie Vázquez. Witness the cutting edge of the "new" New York underground writing scene...over thirty new voices featured!
Tell the World- by BCA/Bronx Writers Corps Youth Anthologies  [Book]

Paint Me Like I Am- by BCA/Bronx Writers Corps Youth Anthologies  [Book]

Through poetry we tell the world who we are, where we're from, what we love, what we think, how we feel, and why we hope. Tell the World is a stunning collection of poems by teens who have taken part in workshops run by

WritersCorps, a national alliance of literary arts programs for youth. Their words represent the thoughts, hopes, and dreams of teens everywhere, offering both insight and empathy.

Paint Me Like I Am is a collection of poems by teens who have taken part in writing programs run by a national nonprofit organization called WritersCorps. To read the words of these young people is to hear the diverse voices of teenagers everywhere. Included are a foreward by acclaimed poet Nikki Giovanni, an essay from Kevin Powell, another poet associated with WritersCorps, and writing tips from WritersCorps instructors

Hopeless- by Nene Ali


Be All You Can be- by Marcel Cartier feat. Intikana [Audio]

Bronx Youth Spoken Word Artist & Activist, Nene Ali

{some explicit content}

Down to the Bone- by Caridad De La Luz


The Poetician- by Caridad De La Luz "La Bruja" [e-Book]

Down to the Bone has the unpredictability of life. Vera Farmiga gives a fearless performance as Irene, a working class mother living in upstate New York. She struggles to keep her marriage together and raise two sons while keeping her cocaine addiction a secret. Director Debra Granik was the winner at the Sundance Film Festival, Director's Award. Vera Farmiga was the winner at the Sundance Film Festival.... This is a very personal collection that took many lifetimes to write. It's what happens when you take your own advice. "There is nothing you can write that is wrong. That is why it is called 'write', right? Every poet has that well deep inside waiting for the bucket to bring up that thirst quencher. This is a cup of what has been brought forth from mine.
Daughters of the Stone: A Novel - byDahlma Llanos-Figueroa [Book] Long for This World: A Novel- by Sonya Chung [Book]
Daughters of the Stone follows the lives of five generations of Afro-Puerto Rican women focusing on the legacy passed from one generation to the next. How does each generation deal with that legacy given changing environments, culture? How does the environment change the legacy? What happens to communication when language and culture are truncated? What legacy does a woman who owns nothing, not even her own body, leave for her daughter?... Sonya Chung’s first novel tells the story of a family divided between contemporary America and a small Korean town. Long for This World is about loss and renewal and what it means to go home.

Juba Dance - by Guy Davis


The Weight of numbers - by Judith Baumel


The 13-track, stripped down recording contain Guy's own compositions and choice covers by Blind Lemon Jefferson, Rev. Robert Wilkins and Blind Willie McTell. Juba Dance features Fabrizzio Poggi on Harmonica as well as producer and special guests The Blind Boys of Alabama.

In her exact, impassioned poems Judith Baumel gives us, again and again, full weight and full measure. I’m grateful for the unstinting pleasures of this wonderful book.”  -- William Matthews

“The Weight of Numbers has a proper gravity to it: the seriousness of its subjects and of its attention. But the poems also accelerate with surprises (imagine Jane Austen at the Roman baths!) and a rhythmic buoyancy. The reader is carried confidently along. Baumel never loses her balance.”   -- J. D. McClatchy

Now - by Judith Baumel


The Kangaroo Girl - by Judith Baumel


Baumel, a very gifted young poet, snares our hearts and minds with her second collection, whose title refers to the moment lived, a moment that Baumel adeptly dissects to show that every "now" contains a "then," every second of current experience may be a trigger that releases the bullet of memory. Her language is both simple and rich, abounding with common images made newly resonant, as in a poem about... Poetry. Jewish Studies. Judith Baumel's third book of poetry, THE KANGAROO GIRL, detects religion at the scene of many crimes: from the great disasters of the past to the small calamities of Jewish American life in the ethnic neighborhoods of New York City. THE KANGAROO GIRL is also a personal book, a meditation on being a daughter and a mother, and what it means to survive loss. "Judith Baumel's new poems are inspiring....

A Green River in Spring - by Matthew Thorburn  [Pamphlet]

This Time Tomorrow - by Matthew Thorburn


Matthew Thorburn is the author of three books of poems, This Time Tomorrow, Every Possible Blue, and Subject to Change, and an earlier chapbook, the long poem Disappears in the Rain. He lives with his wife and son in New York City, where he works as the communications manager for an international law firm. In This Time Tomorrow, Matthew Thorburn searches for his own particular answers to some fundamental questions: Why do we travel? Why seek out new places and cultures, only to have to leave them? Whether writing about Japan, China, or Iceland, Thorburn brings his sharp eye and musical ear to the poet's work: honoring with words the mysteries and wonders - life's essential strangeness - to be found in whatever landscape we choose to wander.

Every Possible Blue - by Matthew Thorburn


Citywalker - by Orlando Ferrand


Matthew Thorburn is the author of three books of poems, This Time Tomorrow, Every Possible Blue and Subject to Change. He is the recipient of a Witter Bynner Fellowship from the Library of Congress, and his work has been recognized with fellowships and prizes from the Bronx Council on the Arts, the Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Memorial Fund, the Mississippi Review and the Sewanee Writers' Conference.
Citywalker tells the story of a man's journey rediscovering his identity, his sexuality and ethnicity. The quest for love and acceptance is multilayered in New York where everything is possible. Touched by the encounter with others, surrounded by high rises, bridges, intertwined highways, subway trains, the sound of sirens, club music, and the waves of the Hudson River…from the East to the West Village, gaining momentum as in a circuit party...

Apologia - by Orlando Ferrand


La otra isla (Spanish Edition) - by Orlando Ferrand[Book]

Apologia: Cuban Childhood in My Backpack is the author's Memoir about his childhood and adolescence in Cuba. It is homage to the memories kept alive by his family. The fragmented and reconstructed anecdotes create a sense of belonging and unconditional love that comes to life, as in a soap opera unfolding tragic-comic, but always inspiring and uplifting feelings. The memories have been filtered through the.. A fascinating book of poetry written by the Cuban American poet Orlando Ferrand, resident of NYC. La otra isla won the LINDEN LANE PRESS POETRY PRIZE 2011. La otra isla is a collection of poetry written in Spanish between Havana, the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe and New York. It is the poet's "rite of passage" in search of a universal identity that could contain his essence as both, a Latino...

Another Word for Love - by Sarah Stern


Sarah Stern is the author of BUT TODAY IS DIFFERENT and ANOTHER WORD FOR LOVE. She is a four-time winner of the Bronx Council on the Arts' BRIO Award for Poetry. She was short-listed for Ireland's Fish Poetry Prize and awarded Honorable Mentions from the Anna Davidson Rosenberg Awards and Lilith Magazine's Charlotte Newberger Poetry Prize. Her poems have appeared in magazines, anthologies, and online, most recently in The American Dream Anthology, The Best of, Epiphany, Freefall and Verse Daily. 


Bronx Artist
Documentary Project
Art Book
The Bronx Artist Documentary Project Art Book is a borough-wide collaborative endeavor involving 30 Bronx photographers documenting 80 Bronx visual artists at work in their studios or other Bronx venues. The BXADP contains 272 full-color pages with an introduction by artist and eight-time BCA BRIO winner Daniel Hauben, a forward by photographer Mike Kamber and a special dedication to the Bronx Council on the Arts.







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