Cultural Venture Fund 2004 Awards

The success of the Cultural Venture Fund (CVF) led to the development of the Cultural Tourism Venture Fund (CTVF) in 2004. Again, the overall goal was to lessen the dependence of arts organizations on public funding and help them gain control over their destinies in the non-profit world while learning new planning, marketing, and financial management skills.  It is a primary development tool that works by assisting arts organizations to further develop their assets, strengthen their entrepreneurial capabilities, create cultural ventures, increase earned income, work toward increased tourism, and thereby build capacity, growth, and sustainability.

The Bronx Council on the Arts (BCA), in our capacity as consultant to the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation  with this Empowerment Zone contract relied on our strategic planning process. BCA views the enormous cultural resources present in the borough, and specifically in the Zone, as an important catalyst for community revitalization. 

The Cultural Tourism Venture Fund Initiative presented unique challenges to BCA and the arts organization leaders.. They lay the ground work for new enterprise and increased tourism that directly correlates with a resurgence of public interest in the South Bronx  EZ neighborhoods.  The success of the CTVF program will continue to be measured over the next few years, as the arts groups institutionalize their new endeavors, continue to embrace contemporary business practices, and refine and expand their plans.

The Cultural Venture Tourism Fund (CTVF) served originally served 8 arts organizations including:

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